Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Bathing Technique that has Amazing Health Benefits !

As we know our daily  Bathing  keeps our body hygiene , simply Healthy. But here I am going to tell you How Bathing benefits to improve our Health by using Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Bathing Techniques. Here read this, Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Bathing Technique that has Amazing Health Benefits !

Bathing Technique

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Bathing Techniques that has
Amazing Health Benefits !

1) Keeping Water in Mouth While Bathing.

Having a mouth full of water during bath is a oldest bathing technique used by our ancient Indians while bathing in river, spring water, water-well even in Home-bathing. By using this technique they make their body more healthier than today's time & as time passes the modern people forget this technique & make their body weak by modern unhealthy bathing.

So let's see how to properly do this bath, for our health benefit !

First take a bucket of lukewarm water for bathing (don't use shower for more benefit).
Take a mug & clean your feet by using this water.

After that Take water & keep this in mouth (the same water used for bathing), while keeping water, keep water in mouth such that the chick gets full of water. If you feel like breathless then you can spit & again take water in the mouth.

After cleaning feet & keeping water in mouth ,then clean your hands, then take water on the shoulder then at last take water on Head.means first start from feet, then keep water in mouth, then hand, then shoulder then lastly head. 

This step by step approach Prevent from Heart Attack, reason behind that your heart start pumping gradually to maintain temperature with surrounding, if you suddenly take water on body, you heart pump suddenly. So take step by step approach. 

After taking water on all body then do other stuffs like applying soap etc. activity but keep water in mouth during entire bathing (when feel breathless spit this water and again take this water)

For new beginners, trying this technique, if whenever you feel breathless then spit the water from mouth, take breath & again keep water in mouth, again if you feel again spit the water, take breath & again take water and keep in mouth. 
At start you feel more this but as gradually you do this spitting of water reduces & you can hold water while entire bathing as your breath holding capacity increases. You can do a Breath Holding Exercise.

This technique you can use daily, but health improvement results start showing after 2-3 months (depends on person to person) but you have to do it continuously.

Health Benefit of keeping water in mouth technique is..

  • Prevent from Cold, Cough & viral fever.
  • Prevent from Heart Attack.
  • Increase Your lungs Functional capacity.
  • Prevent from Thyroid and also reduce thyroid (if have)
  • Remove sinus problems (sinusitis)
  • In-short say bye bye to illness & say Welcome to Healthy Life !


2) Use of lemon peel (cover) water for bathing 

Take lemon peel (normally 1 or 2 lemon), add in 2 liter water & hard boil this water.
Filter this water by using clean cloth. Add this water in bathing water during bathing.

By bathing lemon peel water, it will reduce itching of the skin.

3) Use of Camphor tables for bathing.

Dip 1 or max 2  camphor tablet in bathing water, crush it by hand before dipping. stir the water in order to mix well. do bath using this water

Health Benefits of camphor tablet used during bathing.

  1. Protect from skin problem
  2. Remove black spots, itching.
  3. Increase Beauty of the body.
  4. Relief from body pain.
  5. Remove Headache, cold, cough.
  6. Prevent from Fever.


4) Use of Neem Tree (kadu limb) Leaves for bathing 

This is a very simple technique, first take leaves of Neem Tree.
Leaves should be not too young or not too old, which means take medium grown leaves.
Dip in bathing water & stir water well. Do bath by this water

By bathing Neem Tree Leaves, reduce all Hair Related problems.

5)  Use of  Alum (Turati) for bathing 

Just Stir Alum one or two rounds in bathing water.

This prevent from itching and removes itching if you have one.

6) Use of Lemon Juice for bathing 

Take 1 lemon & draw juice from it & mix in bathing water.
Stir the water well & do the bath with this water.

This prevent from hair loss.


"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

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