Top 3 foods that Really Help to Relieve Constipation recommended by Rujuta Diwekar.

Most people have a problem of Constipation and many people do not feel satisfied when they come out from the toilet. So here we give you top food to beat the constipation problem easily at home by famous Nutrition and exercise science expert Rujuta Diwekar


"Top 3 foods that Really Help to Relieve Constipation
recommended by Rujuta Diwekar.

Food No. 1 Jaggery and Ghee, right after lunch.

Jaggery is a very good source of iron and ghee is a rich source of essential fats. Both these together allow for smooth digestion, they allow smoother lining of the intestine, they allow better simulation of nutrients and they allow for optimum exclusion of toxins. 

When we constipate, we have a specific kind of sugar craving. Means throughout a day you don't feel like eating any sweets. But the minute when you start eating lunch or dinner, the sugar craving starts. This is a classic constipation kind of thing.

Now take a little jaggery and add little ghee to it. Mix well and eat it by chewing properly after every lunch and dinner. 

Food No. 2 Native melon 

There are many reasons for constipation but mostly it is due to insufficient intake of water. So just take Native Melons should be eaten and eat at 3 to 4 pm as an evening snack instead of drinking tea or coffee, which even worse the constipation. You can fully avoid tea or coffee to prevent constipation, bloating, such kinds of things. 

Food No. 3 Sesame Seeds (Til seeds)

When you get constipated you get problems related to knee pain, joint pain means Vata related problems. You feel dry on skin, scalp, dandruff, wearied itching feeling, sweating. 

For that, take one of the beautiful ingredients from your home malasa store is sesame Seeds (Til seeds). Til is very rich in fiber, rich in vitamin-E and also rich in essential fatty acid, all these properties of til useful in proper digestion process.

So how should one use til ? Just mix the 1 spoon til seed in wheat flour (aata) while making roti/chapati,  this should be added while in dinner. Your dinner should be at  7:30 pm or max 8 pm.

You can add 1 spoon til seeds in jowar bhakri or paratha also. Along with til seed you can add some little ghee that is also beneficial to solve constipation problems. 

Recommend to Watch the complete video of Rujuta Diwekar on "Top 3 foods for constipation".


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