Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedy to Cure Stomach Problems.

 In this article you get very simply & easy to use & easily available Natural home remedy that solve common stomach related problems. Just read it.

Natural Home Remedy

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

"Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedy To Cure Stomach Problems."

Loose Motion.

  1. Take 1 spoon Fenugreek seed, keep it on tongue & drink it with lukewarm water. This is instantly get relief from Loose motion.
  2. Take Ghee about 1-2 spoon & Rice , mix well & eat it.
  3. Take 1 glass of  simple "Buttermilk" a.k.a. "Taak" add 2 spoon honey mix it & drink it, this stop loose motion & also reduce body's excess heat.

Pain in Stomach.

  1. Take Lemon & cut Horizontally into two pieces, take 1 half-piece. Apply Black Salt on left side & apply Hing (Asafoetida) past on right side of Half-piece lemon. Eat this by licking, after few min gases start removing from stomach & gets relief from stomach pain. 
  2. Eat Juggary (fully organic if possible), this remove all stomach problem.
  3. Take 1 spoon Cumin add in 3 cup water , Boil this water & make it 1 cup by heating. After that take this water & allow to cool naturally. after cooling drink this water. Within 5 min stomach pain gone away.

Remove Stomach Worm. 

  1. Take Two Hand Amount of Dry Harbhara (cicers), keep it under water for overnight. Next morning Remove water from it, add little salt as per taste.
    Eat this as morning breakfast. After eating this don't eat anything for 2 Hr.
    Do this for continuous 15 days, this remove stomach warm.

Stomach Heat problem.

  1. Eat Curd & Banana, this remove stomach heat problem.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"


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