Healthy Benefits of eating Jaggery with natural ingredients.

Health Benefits of eating jaggery with natural ingredients.

Jaggery, also known as 'Gur' or 'Gud' is a natural sweet dish. Pure Organic Jaggery (Brown in color) is nearly alkaline in nature. It has many health benefits when eaten after a meal. Jaggery is very beneficial for curing cough easily and effectively. 

Pure Organic jaggery gives even many more health benefits when it is eaten along with some natural ingredients which can easily found in our kitchen. So let's start reading the health benefits of eating Jaggery with natural ingredients. 

"Health Benefits of Eating 'Jaggery' with Natural Ingredients."

1. Jaggery and Curd.

Jaggery and Curd.

jaggery can be eaten with curd, which gives good taste and health benefits. But Jaggery should not be eaten with milk as per ayurveda. You can drink milk before or after eating jaggery but milk can't be eaten with jaggery. 

There is a recipe of Bihar (India) called Dahi Chiwda, in which curd is used and on that curd jaggery is added which makes the recipe more delicious and healthy. So eat and stay fit.

2. Jaggery and sesame seeds.

Jaggery and sesame seeds.

Also jaggery can be eaten with sesame seeds. As sesame seeds are also alkaline like jaggery, sesame contains HDL oil which helps to weight loss. So eat more quantity sesame seeds with jaggery, it will balance the acidic level in the body. 

During the winter season sesame seeds and jaggery can be eaten by making laddu or Til Gajak or Til Gud Chikki etc. on everyday, it will help to combat cold and stay warm and fit. 

There are two types of sesame seeds, one is white and the other is black. From both sesame seeds Black sesame seeds have more health benefits than white sesame seeds. 

Eating both jaggery and black sesame seeds will help naturally to prevent cough and cough related problems. 

3. Jaggery and Peanuts.

Jaggery and Peanuts.

Jaggery and peanut are very rich protein snacks, many people eat jaggery and peanut by making its laddu, just buying local peanuts and pure organic jaggery (brown color). This is the best alternative to meat protein, as it is an amino acid rich mixture.

According to Famous Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta diwekar, advice to parents is to give their children, Peanut and jaggery mixture after school as an evening snack. Further rujuta added that peanuts and jaggery have all the nutrients and all the micro minerals, vitamins and polyphenols, which are required for a strong bones, strong muscle, good height and very strong heart. 

The peanut and jaggery mixture is very useful for athletes who do more running. Jaggery and peanuts mixture is useful for gymnastic, dancing people and benefits for women having periods, cramps during period, eating this eases out all cramps.

For all parents, brother or sister, kindly Read the "Notes for Healthy Kids" book by Rujuta Diwekar to keep your kids healthy and fit.

One beautiful food is Chikki  which is made of peanuts and jaggery, you can also use cashew instead of peanut which is easy to eat for kids who have teeth problems. Also Rujuta recommends that for good health eat all kinds of chikki such as peanut chikki, cashew chikki, coconut chikki and all kinds of dry fruits chikki. 

For people who have difficulty standing up, especially our grandparents having  knee related problems and difficulty to sit and stand up on the floor. For such people, eat a mixture of jaggery and ghee after lunch and dinner or eat jaggery with a little bit of peanut or a little bit of sesame (Til) and ghee. This will solve their joint problems.

4. Jaggery and Saunth (Dry Ginger powder).

Jaggery and Dry Ginger.

Eating Jaggery with Saunth will help to solve Vata dosha related problems such as knee pains, joint pains, gasses in stomach and all respiratory related issues. Take a little piece of jaggery and make powder from it. Now add saunth powder, about half of jaggery, mix together and eat it. It will help to cure vata dosha related problems. 

5. jaggery and harad.

Jaggery and Harad.

Jaggery and harad (Harade) is mostly useful to solve pitta dosha related problems such as acidity, increased body heat. For all pitta dosha problems are solved by using jaggery and harad mixture. For that, take 1 little piece of jaggery and a very little amount of harad, mix together and eat it. It will help to cure pitta dosha related problems. 

6. Jaggery and Ginger.

Jaggery and Ginger.

Jaggery and ginger is very useful to solve kapha dosha related problems such as cough, cold, asthma, overweight, hypothyroid, fatty liver, increased cholesterol etc. related disease in which kapha is high, in this case jaggery is used with ginger. 

Take a small piece of jaggery and make powder from it. Take a little piece of ginger and add in jaggery powder and eat it after just eating your food, 2 times in a day. It will help to relieve pitta dosha related problems. 


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