Top 16 Most Effective Home Remedies for Hair Loss.

Not having hair does not have a direct impact on our health but loss of hair can be a cause of mental stress for many people. In this article you get very simple, long lasting and fully natural effective home remedies for hair loss and also promote hair growth naturally that are effective for both male and female.

First let's read some useful basic information about the hair loss problem.

Hair Loss (Hair Fall)

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Hair Loss: Overview.

Hair loss can occur on head or entire body. However hair loss is normal if you lose 50 to 100 hairs per day, because the body continuously produces new hairs and loses old hair. This is actually not of hair loss, it is a natural body process.

Sign of hair loss is bald spots, receding hairlines or thinning of hair. Hair loss can be caused due to many reasons, the most common causes are aging, hormonal changes, medical conditions or it may be due to heredity. 

Certain diseases such as thyroid, diabetes or lupus can cause hair loss problems. Also people take certain medicines or chemotherapy for cancer that leads to hair loss. Other causes such as low protein diet, poor nutrition also cause hair loss problems. Excessive hair loss results in baldness.

Treatment of hair loss depends on cause of it. If hair loss is treated at the right time it may prevent you from baldness or other hair problems. So always check signs and symptoms that our body tells us and treat at the right time.

Symptoms of Hair Loss.

Hair loss comes suddenly or gradually and appears in different ways depending upon the cause of it. Symptoms of hair loss are following
  • Gradual thinning on top of head.
  • Circular or patchy bald spots.
  • Sudden losing of hairs.
  • Full body hair loss.
  • Patches of scaling that cover the scalp.

Causes of Hair Loss.

Cause of hair loss are following
  • Family history (heredity).
  • Age.
  • Alopecia areata.
  • Cancer treatment.
  • Childbirth, illness or other stressful event.
  • Hair care.
  • Hairstyle pulls on the scalp.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Scalp infection.
  • Medication and supplements.
  • Scalp psoriasis.
  • Pulling your hair.
  • Scarring alopecia.
  • S.T.I.
  • Thyroid disease.
  • Too little biotin, iron, protein or zinc.

When to see a doctor.

Consult to health professional if you shows following symptoms
  • Distressed by persistent hair loss.
  • Receding hairline (frontal fibrosing alopecia).
  • Sudden or patchy hair loss when combing or washing.

"Effective Home Remedies for Hair Loss
and also promote hair growth naturally.

Natural Ayurvedic Home remedy

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1) Homemade Hair Oil.

Take 250 gram of Raw Coconut oil (use unrefined or virgin coconut oil, which are easily available in local markets or at online shop stores). In this oil add following ingredients
- 2
leaves of Tulasi (Holy basil).
- 2 l
eaves Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis (Shoeblack plant).
- Amla (Indian gooseberry) Powder 1 spoon.
- 1 spoon of Brahmi powder.
- Beeswax 15-20gram.
Add all in the correct quantity and mix well. 

Then keep this oil mixture in very slow heating mode . At the start the mixture turns Orange color then, after a few minutes it turns Green. When it turns green stop heating immediately (If it turns black color it means it is spoiled i.e wasted).

Filter green mixture using clean white cloth and fill it in a Glass container. During the night before sleeping, apply this oil mixture at the root of the hair. Apply it daily, results will start showing from 5th day. 

If you apply for 2-3 months this will also remove dandruff, hair will be long and silky. This is a very effective Natural treatment for your hair loss. 

2) Neem tree leaves. 

Take 100grams or 3 handfuls amount of Neem Tree (kadu limb) leaves.
Dip in 5 liter water and cook it by heating. Wash your hair by using this water for continuously 8 Days. Within 8 days your hair loss problem goes away, also reduces dandruff from hair.

3) Camphor, Tulasi and Neem tree.

Take Camphor, Tulasi (Holy basil) leaves, Neem Tree (kadu limb) leaves. Mix all this and dip in water (you can add amla if possible, otherwise it is ok).

Boil this water, then filter this water by clean cloth. wash your hair with this water. This will stop hair fall and remove dandruff.

4) Tulasi leaves and lemon juice.

Take Tulasi (Holy basil) leaves juice and add lemon juice in it. Mix well and wash your hair with this juice mixture. This will effectively solve the hair loss problem.

5) Jaggery. 

Take a small amount of Jaggery and dip it in water to make a solution of it. Apply it on your hair root and wait for 30 minutes. After that, wash your hair using normal water. This will nourish your hair and also stop hair loss easily.

6) Mulethi and Milk. 

Take Mulethi (liquorice or jestmadh) powder and add in milk. Mix well and apply on the root of the hair and also massage the hairs for some time. This will stop hair loss as well as remove dandruff. 

7) Milk of Coconut fruit.

Take a wet part of coconut fruit (means white part of coconut fruit). Finely cut into very tiny pieces and keep it in clean cloth then extract juice (milk like liquid) from it. 

Keep this juice in a vessel and close it by lid (don't close fully, just close lightly) for a full night. 

Next morning you observe the layer formed on it (just like a cow milk layer). Take this layer on the vessel and start heating very slowly, you will observe the oil forming while heating. Make sure the layer gets heated completely to fully extract oil. 

Apply this oil to the root of the hair. This will benefit for Hair blackening, grow hair at bald places and most useful to solve hair loss problem.  

8) Coconut oil and Roots of Banyan tree.

Take the soft hanging roots (Kovalya Vadachya Parambya) of Banyan tree. Dip in 1/2kg Coconut oil and mix well. Boil this to make a mixture 1/4kg. 

After that allow it to cool naturally and filter this oil by using clean cloth. Keep this in a vessel (If possible soil vessel for more benefit) and cover by lid. Keep this oil as it is for 8 days. After 8 days again filter by using clean cloth. 

After that you can apply this oil on your hair roots at night before sleep. Next morning, wash your hair. Do this 2 or 1 times a week. This will stop your hair loss problem completely.

9) Amla, Ritha and Shikakai.

Take 100gm amla, 200gm ritha, 300gram shikakai. Dry these all in sunlight for 8 to 10 days. Then grind it and make powder and store this powder in a glass bottle. 

At night take 1 spoon of this powdered mixture and add in 1 glass of warm water overnight. Next morning wash your hair with this water mixture.

10) Triphala.

Eat Triphala with jaggery or honey in the morning.  This is the simplest way to stop hair loss as well as nourishment to hairs and body. Triphala contains lots of micro-nutrient which are necessary for the body. 

Another way to eat triphala for hair is just easy, for that take 1 spoon triphala powder, only 1 spoon cow ghee and only 1 spoon honey. 

Mix all together and eat this at night 1 to 2 hr after dinner and 1 to 2 hr before sleeping.

11) Urad dal (Vigna mungo). 

Take peeled black gram lentils aka urad dal (Vigna Mungo). Take urad dal about 1 small bowl and soak in water overnight. Then strain urad dal to remove water.

Take strained urad dal in a utensil and add 10 to 20 curry leaves, add 3 hibiscus flowers and add 1 cup coconut fruit milk. Mix it all together and blend it and make paste of it. In the morning, apply this paste on the roots of hair and wait for 30 minutes and then wash your hair during bathing.

12) Castor oil.

Make castor oil a little bit hot, also check the temperature by touching your finger. Then pour it in your hand, rub a little bit and at night before sleeping apply to the root of your hairs.   

13) Caster oil with fenugreek seeds.

Take castor oil, about 2 spoons and add 1 spoon of fenugreek seed's powder in it. Mix well and keep it overnight, so the property of fenugreek seed dissolves in castor oil.

Next morning massage this oil on roots of hair and wait for 2-3 hours (you can little bit warm this oil as warm oil absorb in scalp easily). If you feel this oil is too thick then in this oil you can add coconut oil (equal amount of castor oil) in it, so oil will become thin. After 2-3 hours wash your hair with normal water.

Apply this oil two times a day. This will solve hair loss as well as frizzy hair problems.

14) Castor oil with Almond oil.

Take 2 spoons of castor oil and add an equal amount of pure almond oil in it (you can add little drops of sage essential oil). Mix these oils together and warm it a little bit and apply to the roots of your hair.

Wait for 2-3 hours and after that wash your head with normal water. This will stop hair loss, promote hair growth and hair will become shiny and silky. 

15) Alma and Lemon.

Take a bowl of Amla (Indian gooseberry) juice and add 3 spoonfuls of lemon juice in it. Mix all well and apply it on your entire scalp and leave it as it is for about 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with normal water.

16) Homemade shampoo. 

Take about 15 to 20 curry leaves, add a complete peel of one lemon, add 3 spoon of Shikakai (soapnut powder), add 2 spoon of fenugreek seed (Methi dana), add 2 spoon of green gram.

Mix all together and grind this mixture finely to make powder. Then store this powdered mixture in a clean glass bottle. Wash your hair with this powdered mixture as a substitute for your soap or shampoo.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

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