Instant Home Remedies That Cure Your Headache Naturally.

Headache is the most common pain that occurs in our life. WHO estimated that nearly half of the world's adult population have headache disorder. Headache pain may be for a short or long period of time, it depends on the type of headache. There are various causes to that particular type of headache that occurs, various treatments are also available to cure headache. Here in this article you get Instant Home Remedies That will Cure Your Headache Naturally and you can live your life healthy and happy. So let's start to read.

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Before moving toward remedy just take useful information about Headache.

What is a Headache ?

Headache is pain at a particular Area, it may be in the head, face or neck. There are more than 150 types of headache, the most common types are Migraine, Tension headache, Cluster Headache. Stress is the most common cause of headache. Headache can be recovered by using simple remedies but sometimes may become a serious disorder if untreated. 

What Causes Headache ?

There are many reason that causes headache, the most common are

  • Stress/tension. 
  • Alcohol. 
  • Lack of Sleep. 
  • Viral infection. 
  • sinus related problems.

When to take Doctor's Help ?

Headache is normal when pain is little or tiny or can be easily managed on your own but if your headache makes discomfort to do any work or sign of other serious issues then you should take any medical professional help that will prevent a big problem.

Here are the following things you have then you can contact the doctor.

  • When Headache arrives suddenly and an explosive type.
  • If your regular headache gets worse than the previous .
  • When you have mumbling speech, change in vision, loss of balance, movement problems of hands or legs, lots of confusion.
  • Headache for more than 24 hours & getting worse as time passes.
  • Headache due to vision problems, weight loss, pain while eating.
  • If having fever, nausea, vomiting with headache. 


 " Instant Home Remedies That Cure Your Headache Naturally."

 Natural Ayurvedic Home remedy

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1) Salt.


Take a tiny amount (1/4 of a spoon) of salt and keep it on Tongue. Then close mouth & keep mum for 2 minutes after 2 minutes drink lukewarm water. You will immediately get relief from a headache within 1 minute. This remedy is for headache instant relief at your home.

Also for a low level headache you can just apply salt (adding little water) on your head. This remedy is for instant cure from low level headache

2) Garlic Cloves. 


Take 2 Garlic cloves, grind it on hand by smashing, a sticky oil-like liquid comes out. Apply this on both sides of the head. You will get instant relief from headache easily.

3) Nirgundi (Vitex Negundo) Plant Leaves.  

Nirgundi (vitex negundo)

Note :- Use only leaves, Don't use the Petiole/Stalk/stem of any LEAVES. Just remove/Cut the Petiole/Stalk/stem of any leaves for the remedy to get Best Results.

Take Nirgundi (vitex negundo) Plant leaves, Wash it by using salt water. Extract juice from nirgundi leaves by grinding it, drop 2-2 droplets in each nose. 

This is very powerful & very effective to get relief from a headache for a long time. This remedy is also helpful to get relief from a headache caused due to cold.

4) Ginger and Lemon.

Ginger & Lemon

Take ginger, lemon and Squeeze lemon on ginger. Then finely chop ginger in very tiny pieces. Make a paste of fine chopped ginger. 

Apply this fine chopped paste on your forehead.within 10 minutes you get rid of Headache. This remedy is also effective for a person with a sore head.

5) Tulsi (Holy Basil) Leaves.

Tulasi (Holy Basil)

Take Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves. Wash with salt water. Extract juice from leaves by grinding it. Drop the juice on each nose (1-1 droplets in each nose). 

This will remove sinus headache also remove sinus related problems and also helps to remove the morning-sneezing problem.

6) Tulsi and Garlic.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) & Garlic

For a high level of headache, Take 4 Tulsi (holy Basil) leaves & 2 Garlic cloves. Mix all & Grind it and make a paste of it. Keep this paste in a closed bottle. Close it for 15 minutes. 

After 15 minutes open the lid & smell the paste in the bottle. This will remove the shooting pain due to headache and keep the brain healthy and cool.

7) Ginger and Garlic.

Ginger & Garlic

Take Ginger (required quantity) & Garlic (half quantity of ginger). Cut into very fine tiny pieces & Grind it and make a paste of both. 

Just give a tiny little heat to the paste, in order to make it a little warm. Apply this paste on Forehead & wait for 10 minutes. 

After 10 minutes remove the paste. You see, your headache will go away within a minute.

8) Dry Ginger Powder (Sunthi powder).

This is the very simplest method to reduce high level headaches. Take 1 spoon of sunthi powder aka dry ginger powder. 

Take one cup water & mix 1 spoon sunthi in this water. Once Boil this water in a suitable container such that paste will form. 

Take this paste out to keep it for natural cooling. When cooled, apply the paste on the forehead with both sides of the head. 

You will observe within minutes results start showing and a few minutes later, your headache will go away.

9) Carrot Leaf.

Carrot Leaf.

For a high level of headache, take a Carrot Leaf (remove stalks of leaves), wash with salt water. Apply ghee on both sides of the leaf. 

Then warm this leaf on a pan or another utensil. While warming, churr.... churr... sound comes. Take out immediately from the pan/utensil used for warming. 

Then grind this leaf and extract juice from it. Drop the leaf juice 2-2 droplets on each nose & ear. Then sleep for 20 min & after that you observe all your headache gone away.

10) Holy Basil (Tulsi) Leaves.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) Leaves

For Severe level of headache, take Tulsi Leaves, wash Tulsi leaves with salt water (remove stalks of leaves). Then grind leaves using hand & extract juice from it. 

Drop these leaves juice 2-2 droplets in each nose. Then sleep by taking your head back such that drops don't come out from your nose. 

Do this remedy for 2 days. This Natural Solution solves many types of headache.

Another Health Benefits of using this Remedy is get you relief from Forehead pain due to headache, reduce pressure in the head easily, helps to get relief brain hemorrhage naturally, Helps to get rid of Hammer Headache Naturally at home, Get relief from shooting pain in the head, Most importantly keep the brain healthy & cool.


"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"


How to Prevent Headache Naturally ?

Most of the headaches that occur in our life are due to stress caused by problems in our life, it may be related to money or relationships or any other. But you have to Learn to Manage the stress, because If you are able to manage stress then you can be able to manage Success. Now Let's move towards how to prevent headaches naturally with the help of following ideas.

1) Meditation.

Women Meditating.
Photo by Natalie from Pexels

Meditation is the best therapy suggested by many proven studies. This therapy has the potential to control tension type headache, migraine headache.

The review on "Mindfulness Meditation" concluded that this therapy may reduce pain intensity and frequency of Headache. Also mindfulness meditation as important complementary and alternative medical options for primary types of headache. 

Apart from mindfulness meditation there are more other meditation techniques such as Vipassana meditation, Zen Meditation, Transcendental Meditation etc. These Meditation techniques that help to reduce stress in your life & also helps to Maintain Physically & Mentally Healthy & strong in all situations of life. So one should try at least one of these meditation techniques.

2) Diet for Headache.

  Variety of Fruit & Vegetables.

Diet plays an important role in our body-mind health.When you have control over your food then you can control your health. A good diet leads to a healthy life.Certain diet may trigger a headache. So Choose your diet wisely. Make a plan of your diet for your headache.

Minimize the caffeine containing food, meaning for some people caffeine is good up to a certain limit but avoid over consumption of caffeine which causes headache disorder. Also reduce alcohol consumption, excess alcohol leads to headache & other health conditions.

Add food which contains magnesium, as magnesium helps to reduce headache symptoms. Also add food containing Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin B2 & B12 that helps to relieve headache. In-short make a list of foods which keep you healthy & eat those foods which helps to reduce or prevent headaches.

3) Keep Your Body Hydrated.

 Drink Sufficient Water

Water is the basic thing for living healthily. Our body contains 70% of water. Water helps to prevent headaches, one study concluded that decrease in water intake leads to cause headache and other health conditions that depend on water balance.

So for being healthy one should drink a sufficient amount of water depending on the person's daily water needs. According to WHO, it suggested that to drink 2.2 Liter/day for an adult female of 58 kg and 2.5 Liter/day for an adult male of 70 kg, under average conditions.

4) Ayurveda.

 Natural Remedy

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic approach of healing the Mind and Body. It involves balancing the Dosha (means imbalance) created due to unhealthy food, habit, lifestyle etc other various factors.

One should try managing headache with Ayurveda, which eliminates the root cause of disease and keeps your body healthy for a long period of time.

5) Massage Therapy.


The massage therapy involves pressure points of the body that can heal yourself by simply applying pressure using the hand.

One study conducted massage therapy for chronic tension headache, concluded that muscle specific massage therapy can reduce incidence of chronic tension headache.

Facial & Head Massages can really help to activate facial nerve and supply proper blood flow to the brain. In yoga there is a technique "kapal randhra dhouti" that helps to relieve headache.

6) Yoga.

Yoga involves different body postures that used to keep our body fit and healthy. Study shows that yoga can reduce intensity and frequency of headache, this is also really helpful to prevent headache & keeps you healthy.

 Women doing Yoga

A) Yoga Asanas for Headache.

Doing these Asanas regularly can help to prevent headaches.
A) Hastapadasana.
B) Yog mudra.
C) setu bandhasana.
D) Balasana.

B) Yoga Relaxation Techniques for Headache.

Learn to relax because as we know most headaches come from stress. In yoga there are certain relaxation posture techniques.
A) Nispandha Bhav (motionless state of mind).
B) Shavasan (corpse pose).
C) Sukhasana.

C) Yoga Pranayamas for Headache.

A) Anulom Vilom Pranayam.
B) bhastrika pranayam.
C) Kapalbhati Pranayam.

7) Acupressure Points for Headache.

A) Acupressure points at hand: Press constantly at top of ring finger of two hands. After that, press the kidney point at hand.
B) Pressing both sides of the head means inline of the eye.
C) Press at nose point near eye.

8) Taking Sufficient Sleep.


According to the American migraine foundation, shows that insufficient or lack of sleep may lead to headache. So one should maintain proper sleep habits to prevent or Minimize the chances of getting a headache.

So individuals should take sufficient sleep depending on their requirement.One study evaluating the relationship between stress, sleep duration and headache pain in chronic headache patients shows that adequate sleep for two continuous days helps to protect from headache & approximate 8 hours of sleep for consecutive days is necessary for that.

9) Daily One Cup of Ginger Tea.

Ginger Tea.
Trupti.gauns, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ginger powder has the power to ease migraine severity. Ginger helps to ease nausea.
So try ginger tea daily if possible. One study of ginger for migraines shows that ginger is effective to reduce symptoms of headache & also effective in prevention of headache and most important is that ginger has no-side effects at all on the body and is completely safe to keep us healthy. Also
ginger is an effective home remedy for tension headaches.

So Try to add ginger in your daily diet so that you can try ginger tea, because tea is the most likable drink we drink and if tea made of ginger will improve your health & protect you from headache. So try ginger tea daily as much as possible for yourself.


After reading all the information, Please Write Down in Your Health Diary, if you haven't done any diary the Make it,because the "KNOWLEDGE IF POWER", When we acknowledge our-self then we make Right Decision about what to do, When this or that things happens, we can easily manage many things and live Healthy Life for a long time.

So Make Your Health Diary, write down all the things about what is suitable for you, such as Which remedy is very useful, also write what happens by changes in lifestyle such as starting Meditation in morning, doing Yoga exercise etc.

Once You get knowledge about yourself, your Life Becomes more Easy, Happy & Healthy. So keep Writing about yourself and also Keep Reading books,Websites related to Health that teach you Healthy Living.

Thanks for Reading & keep reading because more you get information, more you get awareness, more you get wisdom that lead to Empower Your Inner Strength. So keep reading on.

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