Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Raw White Onion Daily.

In the Latin language, onion called as Allium Cepa, in Sanskrit language it is called as palandu, yavnesht, mukhdoshak, in Hindi language it is called as pyaj, kanda. There are two types of onion, one is white onion and other is reddish in color. White onion has more medical properties than other types of onion, as many people include white onion in their diet.

Health Benefits of White Onion.

"Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Raw White Onion Daily."

White Onion has the most Power to balance the acid level in our stomach. White Onion is the best food to cure acidity problems.

White onion also solves stomach gas problems, bile reflux, indigestion and vomiting.

White onion is best to fight against the night sweat problem, just eat at night meal or you can cook with night meal.

White onion is mostly useful for eye problems, eating white onion keeps your eye healthy and relaxed. It prevents eye cataract.

White onion also helps to relieve constipation problems, this also solves bloating problems.

White onion helps to manage sperm level and also useful to increase sex energy. For that just eat raw white onion as salad during lunch and dinner. There are more Health benefits of eating raw onions everyday than cooked onions.

White onion is also useful to prevent and cure cough.

White onion juice can be used to clean your ear. 

White Onion is also useful to naturally blacken the white hair, just by applying juice of onion on hair roots at night before sleeping. 

White onions regrow hair naturally on bald heads.

White Onion is also helpful to increase height, when eaten along with jaggery and cardamom.

One thing you should remember is to always cut onions horizontally, it will give more benefits than cutting vertically. So you can eat raw white onion regularly as possible to stay healthy.

The Best time to eat onion is at evening lunch, because in the evening our acid level is increased due to hunger and temperature also is high at evening time. You can eat onion any time but at evening lunch, it gives more benefits than other times. So when we eat raw onion in the evening, it will help to balance acid level, help in digestion and cool down excess heat of the body. When we eat onion in raw form it is more health beneficial than cooked onion.

Also Famous celebrity Nutritionist Rujuwa Diwekar in her Youtube channel told the various health benefits of eating raw onions everyday. So eat and stay fit. 


Recommend to Watch the complete video of Rujuta Diwekar on "White Onion".

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