Effective Home Remedies that Guaranteed relief Acidity Naturally .

Acidity or Acid Reflux or Heartburn or GERD

You probably searched for lots of remedies to cure acidity, but a few days later acidity come back. But here I am telling you the Effective and Guaranteed way to relief your acidity problem, so you can enjoy your delicious Food and keep yourself healthy for lifelong.

The main question in your mind is "is this remedies really works ?", my answer to that is "Yes, Surely, because i personally tried these remedies and then after i wrote on this post, also you can search each and every remedy on google for proof, this is proven by thousands of year ago and people still using it today and live healthy life for long time".

So, i just suggest you to just check out these all stuff and try to implement in your life.

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Before moving toward main topic, Just read general information about Acidity.

What is Acidity?

When you eat food, it passes through the esophagus (food pipe) to the stomach.
In the stomach, gastric gland secrete gastric juice (stomach acid) useful for digestion of food.
When the gastric gland secrete more gastric juice than required then you feel burning sensation at chest. This condition is known as acidity.

Acidity is also called Acid Reflux.
In this Condition, when food passes through the esophagus then the closing valve of the stomach known as Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) doesn't get closed. Due to that acid in the stomach moves back to the esophagus and causes Heartburn Sensation.

Acidity or Acid Reflux is normal but when it happen more than two time in week then it is known as GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


Digestive System of Human

Symptoms of Acidity.

Most common symptom of acidity is
  • Heartburn
  • Regurgitation (Stomach acid coming back to mouth)
Other symptoms also include
  • Chest pain
  • Chronic cough
  • Swallowing problem
  • Nausea
You should consult doctor if you have other serious health symptoms such as
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Constant vomiting
  • loss of appetite
  • Blood appear in vomit or stool
  • black and tarry stool

Causes of Acidity.

  • More than the required amount of Stomach acid gets produced in the stomach.
  • LES didn't get closed even after food passed through Esophagus (food pipe).
  • Overweight or pregnant person.
  • over-smoking.
  • over-eating
  • Eating Heavy meal more than required.
  • Eating Too spicy food.
  • Irregular eating habits.
  • Less drinking of water.
  • less time gap between eating and sleeping.
  • Eating or drinking certain foods that triggers acidity.

Effective Home Remedies that "Guaranteed
Relief Acidity Naturally

Home Remedy

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1) Take Ginger about 1 finger size, cut into tiny small piece, take half lemon and
    squeeze lemon on ginger pieces. Add little amount of salt (1/4th spoon) on this mixture.
    Eat this slowly slowly & completely eat this.
    This is the Most Effective and Guaranteed Remedy that Definitely relief from acidity within 30min.

2) Take Ghee one spoon & mix in 1 glass of  lukewarm water & drink it,
     but this have to do when you woke up in morning after brushing, bathing etc. all activity, 
     means in morning this is your breakfast.
    Drink it for 21 days Benefit of this remedy is Relief from acidity & heat problems.
    It Helps in Cleansing the colon (if colon get cleans, 90% of your sickness gone away)
   This also solves problem related to Knee Pain.
   After drinking juice don't drink/eat for 45min, after that you can take light breakfast.

Note :- Use only leaves, Don't use the Petiole/Stalk/stem of any leaves.
Just remove/Cut the Petiole/Stalk/stem of any leaves for Best Results.

3) Take Curry Plant's leaves
5-10 leaves   
     (also known as sweet neem & in India known as curry patta ),
     smash it/grind it as per your convenience but extract juice from it about 1 spoon.
     Drink this early morning before breakfast, then drink lukewarm water immediately
     about 1 cup or as per requirement. After drinking juice don't drink/eat for 45min,
     after that you can take light breakfast.

4) If you are Indian or able to make make Indian Food. Then Make Indian Butter Milk.
    (only drink liquid from it don't drink solid particle come at top of Buttermilk)
    Make Jowar Bhakri (sorghum) it is Indian Bread type of dish.
    Mix Jowar bhakri in Buttermilk, crushing by hands.
    Mix well & eat this in at evening lunch.
    This benefit for reducing Heat & acidity problems.

Make Bitter Melon/Gourd (Karela) juice about 1/2 cup.
    Drink this for 3 days continuously.
    This will help to relief from acidity problem.
    Make Aloe-Vera Juice about half cup.
    For Low Acidity- First Drink 4 spoon juice of Aloe-Vera then
    eat your food items during lunch and dinner.
    For High Acidity- 30 min before eating time, drink Aloe-Vera juice.
    Aloe-Vera will permanently cure acidity problem.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"


How can acidity be prevented Naturally ?

When time comes to prevent acidity doesn't mean you have to avoid your lovely food,
it simply means to have Control on your Diet.

Yes you can eat your lovely food but check whether it causes acidity or not.
if you lovely food causes acidity but you want to eat then simply say,
eat it but in a very very little amount means 1% of the total amount you eat in a day.
That is acceptable one, by doing this you take care of both, first your will be happy
then your stomach will maintain in normal condition.

Now let's check in-detail about preventive measure to cure acidity Naturally.

A) Change in Food, Eating Habit and Quantity of food.

Food is the Main Vital part to keep yourself Healthy. "Healthy Food & Right Time of Eating" both lead towards a healthy Body, Healthy Mind and ultimately healthy life. 

Healthy Food

a) Change in Food

Every Person should list down in their Diary that, which food is suitable for me?  
Which food triggers Acidity in me?
Do this homework by writing daily, you can take help of a dietitian that benefits you for the long term. Once you figure it out, now you can control your acidity by choosing healthy food.
A Study conducted on Diet and GERD shows Relationship between GERD & Diet. If you have acidity symptoms, avoid certain foods such as Spicy Food, Acidic food, alcoholic drinks, High-fat food, reduce intake of tea & coffee, avoid cold-drinks etc.

b) Eating Habit

Eating habits simply mean how you eat food during the entire day is also a factor for a healthy stomach. Fix the timing of Eating in morning, Mid-day and evening or night.
Make Habit of eating at your own regular time. Few hours of change in eating time is OK, but large Changes in Your eating timing cause acidity. So make sure you eat at your regular time.
Also, according to study on GERD, Before Night-Bedtime or before sleeping, there should be at least 3 Hr gap in between eating and Sleeping.

c) Quantity of food 

Food Should be eaten according to need, not more or less, it should be in the proper quantity that you require. So Choosing wisely how much quantity you require depends on many factors such as time, work, weather etc.
You have to decide wisely based on your own sense that tells you how much quantity of food you require at that time.

B) Drink Required amount of water that you need.

Drink Sufficient Water

You Should Drink the required amount of water that is needed during the entire day. Amount of water requirement depends on many things. You can decide based on your own experience, How much water is good for you. 
According to Study adequate daily fluid intake is 3.7 liter daily for men and 2.7 liter daily for women. So try at least min 2 liter water per day.

According to Ayurveda, Gradual drinking water after 20 min of lunch,that help to digest food properly & helps to reduce acidity. Means after 20 min of lunch, first drink 1 small cup of water, then after a few min increase the amount of water as per your requirement. Drink slowly so that saliva gets properly mixed, as saliva is natural medicine that our body produces for our protection.

C) Maintain your Weight.

Women Maintains Weight by Exercise

If you are overweight then you should maintain your weight by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI simply tells you whether you are a healthy person or not.

According to the National Heart,Lung and Blood Institute, Higher your BMI, higher the risk toward diseases. So maintain Your BMI between 18.5 to 25.

So, now start doing Regular Exercise, do morning walk regularly, if possible join GYM that will increase your physical activity, which will maintain your weight.

D) Remove Bad Habits from Your life.

This is Essential, you have to take courage to remove certain habits that give you a long lasting healthy life, such as Quit smoking, Reduce alcohol intake, remove food containing Maida, such as bakery products, biscuits etc.
Also there are many things that you have to figure out and remove from your lifestyle, this is going to help in the long run for a healthy life.


I hope you get the information that you need, for more information, read more and more Health related books or You can consult your trusted Family-doctor, Dietitian, or other health professional. Just Be sure before doing anything, Keep Faith and Confidence in your body, God will Definitely HEAL YOU. So, that's all from my side and Keep Laughing bcz "Laughter is Best Medicine" for the diseases.

People's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1. Does Milk Help Acid Reflux ?

Milk is good for Acid Reflux or acidity, but it should have no fat or very little, otherwise fat in milk provokes acid reflux.

Many people drink "Cold Milk" to relieve acidity, but here the meaning of "Cold milk" doesn't mean Milk is from a cold stored refrigerator, it means simply normal temperature Milk, just like water. Don't drink refrigerated cold milk, as the temperature is below the normal temperature that may cause other Health problems.

Most Preferable Milk for acidity is Cow milk, as cow milk contains a very low amount of fat. There are many ways to get milk, such as oat milk, skimmed milk, Almond Milk etc. But before drinking, always check the fat amount in that milk.

2. Is Banana Good for acidity?

Banana Dolphin.

Banana is an alkaline food that will help to reduce your acidity.  you can also make one simple recipe called "Banana Milk Dessert (Kelyache Shikran in marathi)".
But make very simply no additional items, what it means, just read below

Simple Banana-Milk Dessert Recipe ( Kelyache Shikran in marathi).

Milk plus banana recipe
  • take one banana,
  • 1 cup normal milk,
  • Sugar or jaggery for sweetness.
  • Remove banana Peel and cut into a few pieces by spoon.
  • Add these pieces of banana into milk.
  • Add sugar or jaggery for sweetness as per requirement.
  • Mix all well by spoon.
  • Here our Banana-milk Dessert is ready within a 1 min.
  • You can increase the amount of banana and milk depending on your need.

3. Is Lemon good for acid reflux ?

Lemon water helps in management of acid reflux. Take a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze a lemon in lukewarm water and then add a little pinch of salt and stir with a spoon.
This simplest Lemon juice will help you for acidity by drinking 2 times in a day.

4. Best Food For Acidity.

Good Food
According to Dr. Ekta Gupta's advice, for healthy stomach, add those Foods in your diet,
which are alkaline in nature, such as
Bananas etc.
and also add watery foods such as
Lettuce etc.
Both alkaline and watery food will help you to prevent or relief your acidity problem.

Sprouted food items are very good for acidity and also
Include more Salad and green vegetables for more benefit.
Eating Bel Fruit, Pomegranate fruit ( Anar) is another source that will be helpful for acidity curing.

5. What should we drink in an empty stomach for acidity?

Drinking Water at Empty Stomach.
Drinking Lukewarm/Normal Water at empty stomach in morning before eating anything, this is best for prevention and relief of acidity,
then don't eat anything for 45 min, as time required to process the digestion system.

Before drinking, clean your mouth, also clean your mouth before Night sleeping for more Health Benefits. Clean by doing mainly brushing otherwise simply gargling using water.

Quantity of drinking Lukewarm water depends on the person, just start with 1 small glass then increase as per your own judgement.

6. Which Indian food is good for acidity ?

Murmura or Churmure or Puffed Rice which is made from White Rice is the best food for acidity. But don't add anything to it just eat only CHURMURE as it is , chew properly (chew 32 times) so saliva gets mixed properly.

Eating 1 Bowl of CHURMURE at night after meal removes your acidity problem completely.
Also eating 1 bowl of CHURMURE any time in day removes fatigue problems.
Don't add anything to it, just eat CHURMURE as it is, that will give you total benefit from it to improve health.

7. Is rice good for acid reflux?

Cooked Rice with Curry.
Yes definitely, rice has the potential to help to reduce acid reflux. From Scientific perspective pH level of acidity is closest to Neutral level and from Ayurvedic perspective rice is eaten after eating a heavy lunch or dinner, so that digestion will properly and reduce excessive acidity.

But rice should be eaten with mixing some liquid food such as, Varan or aamti or dal fry or milk and other liquid food which can mix with rice otherwise rice can cause acidity as per study due to stickiness of rice, but eating with liquid food gives good health benefits for the stomach.

In India,every lunch and dinner, people eat rice with a liquid dal recipe. South Indians are the most rice loving people, most of their food is made from rice, in-short Rice is the Best choice for curing acid problem.

So you can include rice in every-day's lunch and dinner. Eat rice with some liquid food.

8. What spices are good for acid reflux?

8.1 Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Cinnamon Drink

Making Ayurvedic kadha of cinnamon helps to reduce acid reflux. Ayurvedic Kadh is simply making juice, means
just take some cinnamon about min 1/2 spoon or as per your requirement.
then take 3 cup water in a bowl.
Add cinnamon in water then boil this water.
By boiling, make this water 1 cup.
Stop boiling and take out water.
Filter this water using clean cloth & pour in a utensil.
Now allow it to cool naturally.
After cooling Ayurvedic kadha is ready to drink.

This cinnamon kadha not only helps in acid reflux but also helps to cleansing Colon , remove mouth odor, Remove cough from chest, Prevent from asthma, keeps nerves system in good condition.

8.2 Cardamom (Veldode or Elaichi)

Elaichi is good for reducing acid reflux and gases from the stomach. Making Cinnamon with cardamom ayurvedic kadha helps to relief from acid reflux and also remove heart related problems.   

8.3 Ginger (aadrak):-

Ginger Tea
This is the most famous spice to cure stomach acid problems. Making plain simple Ginger Tea helps to combat acid reflux also please see above information mentioned in First Home Remedy. 

9. What is a Good breakfast for acid reflux?

There are lots of options available, out of that the best, very simple, effective breakfast for acid reflux is here below.Banana-Milk Dessert Recipe ( Kelyache Shikran in marathi)
Rice-Milk recipe.
Ginger Tea.
Jowar Bhakri (sorghum flour flat-bread) with steamed potato dish or any light dish which is Heartburn friendly.
Boiled Sweet potatoes with milk.
Carrot or Beet Juice.
1 spoon Honey mixed in Lukewarm water.

10. Which Yoga is good for acidity?

According to Dr. Hansa Yogendra, Pavanmuktasan is the best yoga for acidity.
A person wants to do yoga, should Wake up in the morning, after toilet, bathing etc activity do Pavanmuktasan , but don't eat anything before yoga exercise. After some time, you can eat.

Also there are other Yoga exercises such as bhastrika pranayam (Breath of Fire) and kapalbhati pranayam, which are really helpful to acidity, but do this very slowly for those who have acidity. See " Yoga Guru" videos on Youtube about pranayama and asana.

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to Use this power wisely
to live Healthy & Strong for Life Long !!

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