Natural but Effective Ways to Weight Loss at Home.

There are various methods to reduce weight loss but require too much effort, here in this article you get very natural but effective ways to weight loss at home. Lots of people get good results and surely you can also lose weight and gain fitness. The only thing required is just start doing and do consistently. 

Before that, just take a little important information about the true meaning of weight loss.

Weight loss

What is Weight Loss?

First understand what body weight is? Our body weight is distributed in two parts, one is fat weight and other one is called as Lean Body Weight (LBW). Lean Body Weight (LBW) consists of bone, muscle, tendons or organs, means without considering fat weight from whole body weight is called Lean Body Weight (LBW).

As we start aging we begin to carry more fat weight and carry less of Lean Body Weight (LBW). If we adopt a diet that is quick weight loss we further enhance this aging process. When we do fasting, remove fat from diet, do exercise exhaustively, when don't eat anything at night only drink soup in-short when we focus only and only on weight loss activities means when we mad for weight loss. All of this causes an increase in fat weight and reduces Lean Body Weight (LBW) that results in, we look older than ever, we look weaker than ever, we look fatter than ever.   

But when we begin to lose weight correctly, it is Sustainable Weight for weight loss. Sustainable means those diet or exercise or other weight loss method, which you adopted can do easily and  can  continue minimum 5 years, if you can do it easily for 5 years then you can do if for 50 year of your life means you can stay fit, healthy and you can stay in excellent body shape and not have any kind of disease. So we need to adopt such methods which we can do for the next 5 and 50 years.  

These Sustainable Weight Loss leads to successful weight loss. True meaning of successful weight loss means the weight we have been loosing, will not gain again.

An unsuccessful weight loss method is when weight has been loosen but again certain times increase in the weight and when weight increases, it increases in double amount and with disease such as hair loss, loss of digestion, sleeplessness etc. 

The successful weight loss means when you lose weight in sustainable manner, because you adopting things which you can easily do at least next 5 years, the weight that lose never comes back, in this whole journey of loss of weight you begin to have better digestion, better hair and skin, lesser constipation, lesser bloating and for women you begin to have better periods, in-short better Lean Body Weight (LBW) and lesser fat weight, mean bone weight, muscle weight increases and fat weight decreases.

Another important thing to share is that, when you adopt a methods which you can do easily at least 5 year for weight loss which increase Lean Body Weight (LBW) and decrease fat weight, but in long-term your weight will decreased but in short-term your body weight will not change, means in this process your Lean Body Weight (LBW) increase while your fat body weight decreased that means your overall body weight remain same.

When Lean Body Weight (LBW) increases and Fat Body Weight decreases, you look smaller in size, you look younger, you look prettier, you look happier, your hair glows, your digesting food well, your blood sugar regulating properly, for women periods comes smoothly, your blood pressure in in normal range, you sleep well, you don't snore, your fertility levels are high. All of these good things are happening but you will not see an immediate difference in your body weight, that is why don't use weighing scale machine i.e weight measuring machine. Because the weighing machine only shows numbers but not show Lean Body Weight (LBW) increasing and fat body weight decreasing. So don't use a weighing scale machine. 

If you focus on the weighing scale machine's number, it only shows the number, it doesn't mean or tell you nothing. Body weight is not a measure of fatness or any fitness.

So what you really measure for weight loss should be sustainable, sustainable means which weight loss method such as diet methods or exercises you are adopting can do easily for at least 5 years. If you are not able to diet or exercise for 5 year, it is not a shortage of willpower or motivation. You have been misguided by wrong education. So gain Right Education here. 

So coming back to the point, the weighing machine number doesn't tell anything, it is just a number, it doesn't tell your fatness or fitness. So what to measure is Waist and Hip.

Waist Measurement of Women

Body weight comes from Lean Body Weight (LBW) and fat body weight. With increased age Lean Body Weight (LBW) decreases and fat weight increases. But if you adopt a sustainable method of diet or exercises then your Lean Body Weight (LBW) will going to increase and fat weight will decrease. Which means as age increases, there may be an increase in chances of fatty liver, obesity, but if you adopt a sustainable method then these things will decrease. Means through a series of diets and exercise you have better blood sugar, better sleep, better digestion, regulated blood pressure, keep skin better and regulate cholesterol.

This is all of the basics of weight loss, for more information read more and more Health related books, such as Rujuta Diwekar's The 12 Week Fitness Project.

Natural but Effective Way to Weight Loss at Home.

Practical Weight Loss Tips

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1. Water.

Drink water

This is a very easy way to lose weight. One study shows that drinking water will be significantly helpful for weight loss. So drink water as mentioned below for weight loss effectively.

Drink half cup water every 30 minutes or 60 minutes. But you must drink it sip by sip only. Do it continuously for 15 days and see the effect, your weight will start losing.

2. Cumin and ajwain.

Cumin and ajwain

Take Cumin (Jire or jeera) 1 spoon, take Ajwain 1 spoon. Dip this in 3 cups of water, hard boil this water and make it 1 cup by heating. 

Filter this mixture using clean clothes. Drink this mixture after a 20-25 minutes of night meal. Do it for 1 months. This will reduce approximate12kg weight within 1 months. Do Night Meal before 7PM (max possible).

3. Tulsi (Holy Basil).

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

This is also another simple remedy to weight loss. Take Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves about 10-12 leaves. Wash with salt water.

a) Either extract juice from leaves by fine grinding it and filter by clean cloth.


b) Dip Tulsi Leaves in 3 cup water and hard boil and make it 1 cup by heating. Then allow it to cool naturally and filter this mixture by clean cloths. 

Drink above one in early morning before breakfast after that drink lukewarm water immediately. Do it for 3 months, results start showing after 1 months.

4. Buttermilk (Taak).

Buttermilk (Chaas)

Make at home, simple Indian Buttermilk also known as Taak (only drink liquid from it, don't  drink solid particles that come on top). If you made it at home or buy from dairy, take this Buttermilk and add double the amount of water in it (Means if buttermilk is 1 liter then add 2 liter water and make a mixture total 3 liter). 

Drink this Buttermilk on alternative days, do this for 1 month. Means only 15 days, you have to drink in one month. But you have to drink Buttermilk at least (If Possible) 7 liter (increase the quantity of liter as per your weight to lose).

How many liters can you drink ? it depends on,

  • Your weight you want to lose.
  • Your drinking capacity of buttermilk.

So Decide wisely How much liter you can drink. Firstly you can start with 2 liters then increase qty as per your experience.

5. Sorghum flour flatbread and Mattha.

Sorghum flour flatbread and Mattha

During evening lunch. Make Sorghum flour flatbread (Jowar Bhakri) and Mattha (Indian Beverage). Crush the jowar bhakri by hand and mix in Mattha. Eat this during evening lunch daily. This will help you to lose weight.

 6. Sesame oil and rock salt.

Sesame oil and Rock salt

This remedy is most effective for women. Do a night meal before 7 pm. After that don't eat anything. Take sesame oil 1 spoon and add rock salt (sendha namak) in it. Drink this 1 hour before the sleep after that drink lukewarm water immediately. Do this for 3-4 months.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

Women Maintains Weight by Exercise

Precautions should be taken during Weight loss.

1) Eat ginger, lemon and salt mixture after 20-25 minutes of lunch or meal. First, finely grind the ginger, then drop lemon juice on it, add salt on it as per taste, eat this slowly, slowly chewing properly. By doing this food will digest properly and also reduce your acidity problem. Cleans the colon naturally.

2) Don't eat Ice-cream after lunch or meal, this will increase Weight. Instead eat a small piece of jaggery (Gud) after 20-25 minutes of lunch or meal as a sweet dish.  

3) Don't drink Refrigerated water or cold beverages, instead drink normal water, after coming from jogging or exercise or come from heavy sunlight (in summer). If you want to drink something that cool down your body temperature, then in that case first eat small piece jaggary (Gud) and then drink normal water or drink water from a "clay water pot" which is natural water cooler. 


Always remember and keep reminding yourself that EFFORT ALWAYS LIVES. Read more and more health related books, blogs, websites, posts etc. Increase your knowledge, because Knowledge is Power.

First of all Weight loss is a long term process. stay away from the quick ways of weight loss, even if they give results but it wouldn't last for life. 

Adopt those weight loss methods which can keep yourself healthy and fit for life long.
Adopt Sustainable Diet and Sustainable Exercises, which you can do easily for 5 years.

Focus on the maximum possible natural way for weight loss. Just try above Weight Loss Remedies, because it is Purely Natural at all and easy to adopt in our life.

Take precautions while losing weight and measure your Waist and Hip at particular intervals of time. That gives a clear guideline whether you are moving towards Sustainable Weight Loss or not.

Read daily as possible about The True Health related information in this "Age of Information" World.

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