Effective Natural Home Remedies To Reduce Body Heat.

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 Our body's normal temperature ranges between 36.1°C to 37.2°C but due to extreme hot weather especially in summer season, intense exercises & many other reasons our body heat increases, which causes sweating, uneasiness, irritation, lower energy etc. To beat the heat, here in this article you get Effective Natural Home Remedies to reduce body heat and stay cool and healthy. So let's start reading.   

 " Effective Natural Home Remedies To Reduce Body Heat."

Natural Ayurvedic Home remedy

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1. Cluster Fig (Ficus Racemosa) Bark powder.

Take Cluster Fig (Ficus Racemosa) Bark powder about 1 spoor or as per your requirement.
Take lukewarm water about 1 cup & mix these powder in this water & drink it.
This will help to reduce your body heat naturally.

2. Cluster Fig (Ficus Racemosa) leaves.

Take 2 leaves of Cluster Fig (Ficus Racemosa), remove stalk/stem of leaves.
Wash leaves with salt water, so that all dirt gets removed from leaves.
Eat these leaves by chewing properly, so that saliva gets mixed properly.
This will remove heat from the body. 

3. Palash (Butea Monosperma) Leaves.

Take Palash (Butea Monosperma) Leaves about 2 to 3 or as per your requirement.
Wash leaves with salt water to remove all dust & other elements.
Take 3 cups of water in the utensil. Now add 
Palash (Butea Monosperma) Leaves in it.
Now start boiling this mixture and by heating make it 1 cup.
After that, stop heating and allow it to cool naturally.
Now filter this water and pour in another utensil.
Drinking this water removes your excess body heat.

4. Rice water (Tandulodaka).

This is a very simple and effective old technique to calm down body heat. First take rice about 1 to 2 spoon (Preferably use unpolished rice, if you are using polished rice then wash 1 or 2 times with salt water this will remove unnecessary chemicals). 

Now just a little grind it but don't make paste only just crush all rice grain softly. Now pour this rice in 1 glass and fill the glass with water about 50ml to 100ml. Now let rice soak in water for a minimum 1hr to maximum 5hr. After that Take clean cloth and glass and filter this water. Now you can drink it. Life of freshly prepared rice water is one day. 

The rice water is also helpful to reduce body heat and complication to excess body heat will also reduce, for that take this rice water 50ml to 100ml twice a day for at least 15 days. 

This rice water is also helpful for reducing hair fall and skin dryness. Also it is very effective to treat mouth ulcers as it is rich in vitamin B and B-complex.

5. Belpatra (Bael Patra).

This is a simple remedy. Belpatra (Bael Patra) means leaves of Bel Tree (Aegle Marmelos). Eat Belpatra Laddu aka Belgiri laddu with milk, 1 time in day either in morning or after mid-day lunch, this is the first method to eat belpatra. Second method to eat belpatra is to buy dry bel patra (Aegle Marmelos) powder and mix in milk/water and drink it. Which method is suitable for yourself just take it.

In India Bhelpatra Laddu aka Belgiri laddu is easily available near local food markets to buy. If not available in your area then you can do it at your home from dry bhelptra powder available to buy online.

By eating this belpatra, firstly solves your excess body heat problems and helps to increase muscle. This also helps for male to increase sperm count in good condition and for women to keep the reproductive system in good condition.

You can also drink Bael Sharbat aka bel sharbat, helps to cool down your body heat and serves as a cold-drink for summer. 

 6. Kewda (Screw Pine) leaves.

Take one leaf of kewda, wash with water and then finely cut into small pieces.
Now grind these tiny leaves and extract juice from it. Filter this juice using clean cloth.

Take one cup and pour 2 spoon juice of kewda. Now add half spoon cumin seed powder in this juice and also add 1 spoon stone sugar powder for sweetness.

Kewda is a cooling herb and known for its detoxification property which means to remove toxins from the body. Also root of kewda very useful for women have bleeding problem during period, for that take one root of kewda and rub it on stone to make the paste and mix sugar in paste and eat this past, this will solve bleeding problem of women.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"


Healthy Advice

Precaution should be taken to reduce body heat.

1. Food to Eat to cool down body heat.

Watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, pumpkin, bottle guards and bitter guards etc.

Eat sweets and bitter fruits which cool down the body. In sweets use natural sugar such as shakkar or mishri.

Drink lots of water but don't use refrigerator water as it actually increases heat. Instead of that, use a natural mud pot to cool water to drink.

2. Hydrating body with Natural Cold-Drinks.

Coconut water, buttermilk, lemon juice minerals and electrolyte helps keep you energetic.

3. Food to avoid.

Avoid eating non-veg foods, as they are difficult to digest to produce more heat. Also avoid alcohol, which is a major cause to increase body heat. Avoid very salty, oily and sour food, which increases the body heat. Also avoid preservative and packaged foods.

4. Clothing.

Wear white or light colored cloths, mostly use cotton and linen cloths as they are airy in nature.


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