Simplest Natural Home Remedy to Increase Hemoglobin.

The Simplest Natural Home Remedy to increase Hemoglobin level, that very easy available at home, easy to use and these remedies are based on ancient Ayurveda that still useful today times. About So many Men and mostly women have problem of anemia, So just read it, try it & maintain Your Hb level Naturally.

Simplest Natural Home Remedy to Increase Hemoglobin.

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"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1)    Drink Carrot Juice for 15 Days Continuously any time in Day
       (For more benefit Drink carrot juice in early morning before breakfast.)
       (For Fast Result, instead juice eat carrot by chewing such that each bite you have to
        chew 32 Times, so that saliva gets properly & you get amazing Health Benefit. )

carrot juice


2)    Do this in morning & eat with breakfast.
       Take Brinjal of about similar to
Pink color just like ⮟ Below Picture
       (small size & shaped ) having White Spots on it. Roast it on heat.
        Add 2 spoon sugar on it and eat with breakfast.

Brinjal (baingan) 


3)    Drink Peepal (Scared Fig) Tree leaves juice for 15 Days.
       Take 4-5 leaves of Peepal tree, Remove stem of leaves, wash with salt water.
       Then Smash it  and extract juice from it, Filter using clean cloths & drink it.

Peepal Tree leaves

4)    Eat Apple daily to increase Hemoglobin, but don't eat it during night (after 7 PM).

Apple Fruit.

5)    Eat The pomegranate Fruit (Anar Fruit) daily by chewing means saliva in mouth
       get properly mixed. This increase Hemoglobin, Remove all blood Toxins and
       in women solves period problems.

Pomegranate Fruit (Anar Fruit)

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"


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