The Effective Natural Home Remedies for loss of Appetite.

As i Wrote in the Headline of this post "The Effective Natural Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite", the reason behind it, that so many people tried these Natural remedies and got amazing results from it and the effect is long lasting. So just Read it and try it and see the result. Enjoy your life by living Naturally.

Before moving toward remedies just  Check short useful info about "Loss of Appetite".

What does means Loss of Appetite ?

Loss of Appetite in medical terms is called as Anorexia, which means reduced Hunger than usual.
Loss of appetite is most common in old age people. In the case of adults it occurs most commonly during illness, but when illness is treated well & properly cured, then appetite will be normal.

What are the causes ?

The Common causes of Anorexia are -

  • Aging
  • Constipation
  • Anemia
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Depression
  • grief 
  • hepatitis
  • Dementia
  • illness

and other Many cause, For more detail check on Medlineplus, Wikipedia and other health related websites

Now let's Start the Main Top i. e. the Natural Remedies for Decreased Appetite.


" The Effective Natural Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite."

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 "Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"


1)    Eat the Yellow Tiny Fruit of The Neem Tree.
       (Remove the seed inside of it, just Don't eat the seed).
       This will Maintain Proper Appetite and also solve stomach related problems.

2)    This should do In morning time.
       Take 1 Spoon
Vavding (Wavdinga seeds or Embelia ribes) dip in 1 cup water for 1 Hour.
       After 1 Hr Hard boil this water and allow it to cool Naturally.
       Filter this water by clean cloth and store in a vessel.
       Drink this water in the morning Before Breakfast.
       Do it for
15 days continuously .
       This will solve Anorexia and also solves stomach related problems,
        Prevents Stomach worm, Maintain Weight, etc.


3)    Making Home-made Lemon Pickle.
       Take Lemons and cut them into pieces.
       Fill these pieces of lemon into a clean Soil pot.
       Sprinkle Sendha salt on lemons and
       shake the pot a little (so that Salt gets applied to all pieces).
       Now Cover the pot with clean cloth.
       Now keep this pot in sunlight such that keep it morning sunlight
       and take out before sunset (Before 5 PM) .
       Do this for 5 Days. After 5 days, you can eat one pickle.
       For the children give 1 piece of pickle before Evening lunch.
       This will maintain their Appetite properly.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

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