Teeth Related Problems & their Easy Natural Ayurvedic Home Made Remedies.

In this article you get the Effective, Easy to available, Simple Natural Home remedies to teeth problems.

"Home Remedy to get relief from Teeth Problems."

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"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1) Loose Teeth Home remedy.

Take a White Radish (mooli), Cut into very fine small pieces. Keep in clean cloth and draw juice from it about 1 bowl volume. 

Add half spoon Salt in juice. Now gargle using this complete bowl of juice. Do this for 20 days, results will start showing from 10 days.

2) Tooth Strengthening Home remedy.

Take 10 ~ 20 Guava leaves, dip in 1 liter water. Add 1 spoon of salt in it. Also add 5-6 Cloves (lavang) in this water. Hard boil this water mixture for at least 10 minutes. 

After that, allow it to cool naturally up to lukewarm temperature, then filter this mixture using a clean cloth. 

Stir 2 rounds of alum (turati). Now gargle using this mixture. Do this for 3 month once in every week (means - 12 times in 3 month)

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3) Teeth Whitening Home Remedy.

A) White Radish and baking soda.

Take a small piece of White Radish (mooli). Sprinkle a little tiny amount of baking soda on it. 

Brush your teeth by using this piece of white radish for 1 minute only. After that, wash your teeth immediately using normal water. This will easily whiten your teeth. 

B) Ginger and salt.

You can use ginger for teeth whitening. For that, take a piece of Ginger (Aadrak). 

Sprinkle a little bit Salt on it then brush your teeth with it. After that, clean your mouth with normal water.

4) Pain in teeth aka toothache.

A) One Clove.

Take a one Clove and keep it for some time under the tooth which has pain. After some time you will experience pain slowly getting reduced and gone away. After that, remove a clove from the mouth. 

B) Tiny salt stone.

Take a small size of salt stone and keep it under a tooth which has pain. When pain goes away, remove stone from the mouth and clean the mouth using just a small amount of normal water.

C) Guava Leaf.

Take a single Guava leaf, remove stalk / stem of the leaf. Then wash guava leaf using salt water, so that all dirt, dust gets removed. 

Now eat a guava leaf by chewing properly so that saliva gets mixed properly. This will reduce that toothache as well as strengthen the teeth.

D) A leaf of Nirgundi (Vitex negundo) plant.

Take one leaf of Nirgundi (vitex negundo) plant, remove stalk / stem of the leaf. Then wash the Nirgundi (vitex negundo) leaf using salt water, so that all dirt, dust gets removed.  

Now keep a small size salt stone on the leaf and wrap a leaf around the salt stone. Keep this on teeth which are in pain for some time. 

Slowly slowly the pain gets reduced and completely gone away, after that remove leaf and salt stone. You can wash your mouth using a small amount of normal water.

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"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"



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