Natural Remedies that are Effective to Overcome Fear.

The four letter word that stops our growth in life to become successful, it can be any type of fear, it may be public speaking, doing which is never done by anyone or any other type. But you can overcome your fear and Become a Brave-Heart and can live your entire life confidently.

There are lots of solutions to overcome fear, but here i am sharing to you, the practically i personally experienced homemade solution to remove fear from your life.

Yes there are lots of ways to overcome fear and you surely get rid out from fear and become fully confident in your life. Here I am also sharing solutions to the problem but in another way that I personally experienced. So just read this Natural Remedies That Are Effective To Overcome Fear & Become Fully Confident In Your Entire Life and just try to implement it in your life.

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Let's talk about important information about fear.

What is fear ?

Fear is a natural human emotion. It may be for survival from danger or for pleasure such as horror movies or games. Fear involves two types of response to threat, one is biochemical response and other is Emotional response. 

Biochemical response also known as Flight or Fight Response. This response is a natural survival mechanism from danger. For instance if the body senses threat it shows symptoms of increased heart rate, sweating, increase in adrenaline level etc. these increases alertness. 

Emotional response depends on person to person. Some people feel pleasure but some get fear from particular things. So it totally depends on the perception about a particular thing for an individual. For instance, some people perceive honey bees as danger when they bite & some people perceive honeybees give honey for eating. 


Change Your Perception.

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Symptoms of Fear.

  • Increased Heart rate.
  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breath. 
  • Dry mouth.
  • Chest pain.
  • Nausea.
  • Upset stomach.

Causes of Fear.

There are various causes of fear and it varies from person to person. Some common triggers of fear are

  • Certain object or things
  • Past life history.
  • Perception of certain things. 
  • Dangerous situation.
  • Imaginary situations.
  • Psychological condition.

"Natural Remedies That Are Effective To Overcome Fear. "

Natural Remedy

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1)     Take Onion (Use white onion for best results). Cut into small pieces.
        Take 2 cardamom and make powder of it by grinding it. Add this powder on onion pieces.
        Eat this daily with breakfast, this will definitely increase confidence, remove fear and also
        keep you healthy.

 2)    Take honey 1 spoon & Onion juice 1 spoon and eat this one after another.
         Eat this 3 times within a day for 15-20 days
         If you do 4-5 weeks then total fear goes away.

3)    Take 1 spoon of honey. Take 4-5 leaves of Tulasi (Holy Basil).
        First wash the leaves with salt water, then smash the leaves and mix it in honey.
        Eat this any time of day (Mostly in morning). After 10 minutes drink lukewarm water.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

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Other Methods that Help to Overcome Fear.

  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Faith Exercises.
  • Read quotes to overcome fear. 
  • To Knowledge about fear.


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