Simple Home Remedies to Increase Memory Power Naturally.

Hey... are you searching for the Effective Method that will Increase your Memory Power. Yes, there is lots of information available on various websites, YouTube & other social media platforms. But Here in this article you get The Simple Home Remedies to Increase Memory Power Naturally and these remedies are Effective in nature because they are used for a long period of time. You can say it is  the oldest food tradition of our ancestors that is still effective in the 21st century. We are very very thankful to our ancestors that they wrote down the knowledge they gained from their experience so that the next generation will get good Health in their lifetime.


Now before moving towards remedies just take little useful information about memory power.

Our Human memory is just like our muscles. Just like muscles require exercise to keep healthy & in good condition, the same as our brain requires metal exercises to keep our memory power active & in good condition at all ages. You may observe that people who do physical exercise regularly have good health throughout life just like those people who do regular mental exercise have good memory power at all ages, otherwise people get dementia when they get older. For instance our university professors have good memory power even in old age because they are in the teaching field, which exercises their memory power regularly i.e why they have very good memory power. Means Mental exercise is one factor necessary to keep memory power strong at all ages. So do Physical & most Important Mental Exercises Daily in your life that keep you physically Healthy & Mentally Strong at all ages.

Diet or simply say food which we eat daily also have important factors for good Memory power.

Another Most important factor of Memory Power is Focus. You heard this many time "Focus" is important in learning or grasping something new things, but have you observe where we  become fully focus means our consciousness fully aware for that stuff or thing, it is purely based on Interest, Most Important things, Passion, Love, Desire, Fixed Goal or intention & commitment to achieve it, desperately Need of something & many other things, you have to find out which things your focus become 100% and use those things in other stuffs that you want to memories.  

Another important factor for memory power is visuals, stories and experience.
For example, everybody becomes fully focused on movies,
because movies are stories. They are very Interesting, we love to watch movies, it gives us pleasure, thrill, adventure & many other Good Experiences. Our life is just like the story of the movie, we also have so many experiences that we remember till the end of life such as our first love, tragedy in our life or our achievement & many other things which gives us amazing experiences which we remember till the end of life. We can use these things in our life such as if you want to memorize some lessons of a history book then try to create a story just like in a movie. This will keep you remembering things for a long time.Also Watch the video of Ricardo Lieuw on TEDx Talks, he explained briefly about How to triple Memory power by simple trick

 Another important aspect of memory power is related to Learning. Some topics we understand fully, we remember it for a long time e.g. Newton's law of Motion. Just like what we learnt & understand things completely, it is remembered for a long time. Now let's understand how we learn ?
In one Seminar of Sandeep Maheshwari on How to increase memory power (Hindi), he says that there are three things in the learning process.

One is words, in every book, website we read words and Images related to those words that are stored in our mind. Means we can't understand words that don't have an image in our mind & if we don't understand then how can we remember it ? The process of memorizing is that we come across words then we have images related to those words to understand, after understanding it becomes our memory. 

For e.g. let's take the simple word "Dr. Strange", when we see words immediately remind us of Marvel's Movie Dr. Strange, but if you ask someone who doesn't watch any marvels movie then he simply says he is doctor, are you got my point. Means we read words and particular images are stored in our mind, the simple e.g. apple. When we read words we are reminded of two images, one is an apple which is a fruit and another apple mobile, now you understand these things clearly. Let's move on to the next point.Second thing is numbers & third thing is symbols. 

Now if you connect images with words, numbers and if you connect a story related to those images just like the story of movies and you are the hero of this story then you can easily store any important information and remind this information to yourself at any time. By studying this way you can remember things perfectly for a long time.

" Simple Home Remedies to Increase Memory Power Naturally."

Natural Ayurvedic Home remedy

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1. Breakfast of Almonds and Honey.

Almonds and honey.

Take 11 almonds and take 1 cup of water. Dip these 11 almonds in water overnight.Next morning take out all almonds and remove the outer cover of almonds. Now take rubbing stone or grinding stone and rub all almonds on stone stone and make paste of all 11 almonds ( you can use any other ways that available at your home the main thing is make paste of these 11 almonds).

Now add 1 spoon of honey on the paste of 11 almonds and mix well. Then keep it as it is for 10 to 15 minutes so that honey and almond paste mix each other properly. After that you can eat this mixture of almonds and honey as your morning breakfast, which means before eating anything after brushing & bathing. After eating almond and honey breakfast, then don't eat anything for the next 30 minutes. After that you can eat anything.

Doing these for minimum 2 to maximum 3 month will help to increase your memory power naturally. For little children, making this breakfast recipe with half quantity, means using 5-6 almonds and half spoon honey. This remedy helps to increase memory power as well as increase confidence and grasping power, do it consistently to get the best result.

2. Almond and Milk.

Almond and Milk.

Take almonds about 4 to 5 ( or as per your requirement). At night dip these almonds in 1 cup of milk overnight. Don't keep an almond dipped milk cup in the refrigerator because it doesn't give any result, keep it in an open environment. Next morning during breakfast eat these milk dipped almonds first and then eat your breakfast.

Another thing you can do with almond and milk  just like the previous remedy. Means take almond and make paste of it (using any way that is available). Mix 1 to 2 spoon milk in the almonds paste and keep as it is for 10 to 15 minute so that it will get mixed properly. Eat this mixture in the morning before breakfast. 

This remedy will help in many ways as it contains almond and milk, it will increase your memory power and also strengthen the bone as well as make your brain strong.

3. Ginger, Garlic, Tulsi (Holy Basil) & Honey.

Ginger, Garlic, Tulsi(Holy Basil) and Honey.

Take half spoon ginger juice,
take 10 drops of garlic juice,
take half spoon tulsi (Holy Basil ) leaves juice and
take 1 spoon of honey.

Mix all four ingredients and wait for about 10 minutes. Then drink this as per your retirement.
This remedy is helpful to keep your memory sharp, keep all chemicals in the brain
active and also beneficial to reduce acidity problems.

4. Guava Leaves.

Guava with leaves.

This simple remedy using guava helps in boosting memory as well as prevents teeth related problems. For that read the 1st remedy of the below post>>>
One natural solution to prevent all teeth related problems.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

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