Effective Home Remedies that Help to Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally.

Hemorrhoids (Piles).

Hemorrhoids are also called piles. It is a cluster of veins which are swollen inside or outside of anus. The Major symptoms of piles are itchiness, blood in stool and pain while passing stool and major causes are chronic constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy, Heavy weight lifting, excessive consumption of spices and condiments. Here in this article you get an effective home remedies that help to cure hemorrhoids naturally.

"Effective Home Remedies that Help to Cure
Hemorrhoids Naturally.

Home Remedy.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

1. Half Lemon and Sendha Salt.

Take half Lemon and Sprinkle little Sendha salt (Rock salt) on half lemon.
Lick half lemon until salt is finished, again sprinkle little Sendha salt on that half lemon and lick it until salt gets finished. Means simply eat a complete juice of half lemon by licking and sprinkling salt on it little every time you lick. 

By doing this 4-5 times in morning and 4-5 times in evening (Before 5 PM) for 10 days continuously  will really help to treat your Hemorrhoids easily at home. 

2. Jaswand flower (Hibiscus Flower).

Take 2 fully grown red colored Jaswand flowers. Remove stem/petiole/Stalk of flower, just take flower only. Eat the flower properly and slowly, so that saliva gets mixed properly. 

By eating 2 jaswand flowers for continuously 10 days will solve your piles problem as well as stop bleeding due to piles. 

3. Radish Juice.

Take 1 or 2 radishes, wash it and clean it, then cut into small pieces. Now put all radish pieces on clean cloth and extract juice from it about half a cup. Drink juice after 45 minutes of eating food. Drink this 2 times a day 45 minutes after eating first in morning and second time in evening.

4. Black raisins (Kali Kishmish or Munakka).

At night take 6-7 Black raisins and dip in one glass of water. Keep the lid on glass and keep it as it is overnight. Next morning take out all black raisins from glass water. 

Now remove the inside seeds (Don't eat seed, as it causes problems) of all black raisins. In the morning empty stomachs, eat all black raisin by chewing properly. After eating all black raisins, drink the water which black raisins dipped overnight. After that don't eat or drink anything for 1 hr.

Do this 4-6 month this will cure your piles, fissures and fistula . This remedy is also useful for those having constipation problems. 

5. Black grapes.

In the morning, take black gapes, wash them properly. Crush it and extract juice from it about half a cup. Drink the juice in the morning empty stomach. This will also help to cure your Hemorrhoids easily.

6. Liquorice/licorice Powder (Mulethi Churna).

During Night Take one spoon liquorice/licorice powder and mix in one 1 cup water. At night before sleep, drink liquorice/licorice powder juice. This is the simplest remedy for piles.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"

Doctor's Best Advice.

Prevention Tips for Hemorrhoids (Piles).

Hemorrhoids can be prevented by changing in lifestyle, change in diet and exercise. Here are the following preventive tips for Hemorrhoids (piles).

1) Don't sit for a long Time. 

Long sitting leads to constant pressure on lower muscles and may cause irritation in the lower area. This prolonged sitting may cause pooling of blood in the veins and causes swelling and further leads to piles. Some people have to sit for a long time due to their profession or other reasons. 

The solution to this problem is you have to walk about 2-3 minutes every half or one hours. For awareness you can set your mobile alarm for every half or one hours, so it helps you to remember easily.

2) Avoid using tight clothes.

Wearing tight clothes and sitting for a long time creates piles, so avoid it completely.

3) Increase Fiber in Your Diet. 

There are 2 types of fibers, one is soluble fibers and insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers keep stool soft and therefore stool naturally passes easily. Whereas insoluble fiber are like roughage, which pushes stool forwards in anal. So both the fibers are important for us to prevent constipation and so that stool can pass easily so to prevent Hemorrhoids (piles).

Soluble fibers are found in black beans, oats, chia seeds, flax, seed and most important in bananas. Bananas contain resistant starch which acts like soluble fiber and helps for pass motion easily.

Insoluble fibers are found in whole grain, sprouts, whole wheat flour, wheat germs and also it can be found in cauliflower, broccoli and all cruciferous vegetables. Unpolished rice, brown rice are also sources of insoluble fibers. Unpeeled fruits also contain insoluble fiber, so don't peel fruits which can be eaten with peel such as apple-like fruits. 

4) Avoid certain foods.

Avoid foods which are packed. Avoid non-vegetarian food and too spicy foods.

5) Don't lift heavy weights.

 Frequently lifting heavy weights can cause piles. While lifting the weight, breath gets held and lifting carried out, which causes pressure in the abdomen region. So avoid lifting too heavy weights.

5) Drink sufficient liquid.

Water is best to keep hydrated and also helps in softening the stool. A person should drink water along with some fruit juice so that sufficient liquid goes in our body. 

6) Do some Yoga Asanas.

A person should do some asanas regularly to prevent constipation and keep the digestive system healthy. Asanas like Paschimottanasana, Yog Mudra, Hastapadasana and pavanmuktasana .

All these asanas should be done regularly so that the digestive system becomes strong and there is regular supply of all the essential nutrients to all body parts. 

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Piles can cause very discomfort in your life. It causes pain while working, even when sitting, so first cure your piles using remedies which are suitable according to you and most importantly take preventive measures so that it never happens and follow all preventive tips as mentioned above so that you can live a healthy and happy life.

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