Simple & Efffective Home Remedies that cleanse your Kidneys Naturally.

Removal of toxins from the body is very essential to keep every organ healthy that gives us a healthy life. There are lots of important organs in our body, the kidney is one of them. Kidney filters blood and converts waste into urine. So it is very essential to cleanse your kidney to function properly and that gives us a healthy life. Just try these simple & effective ways that clean your kidney naturally at home.

" Simple and Effective Home Remedies that Cleanse
Your Kidneys Naturally.

Kidney Cleanse Naturally.

"Just Try This Remedy & See The Result !"


1. Ayurvedic drink of 4 Herbs.

This remedy should be done at night 1hr before sleep and 2 hr after dinner.
Take cumin, ajwain, coriander seeds, Fennel seeds all four each 1 spoon.
Take 1 glass of water and add four ingredients in a glass of water.
Keep the lid on glass and keep it as it is 1 hr.
After 1 hr, pour this water in a utensil and hard boil it.
Then stop boiling and allow it to cool naturally.
When water comes down to normal temperature, filter this water using clean cloth.
Then drink it, after that don't eat or drink for 1 hour.
Then enjoy your sleep.
Doing this 1 month continuously will help to clean your kidney naturally at home.

2. Coriander Leaves Kadha (Ayurvedic drink).

This is the simplest ever method to detox your kidney naturally and effectively at your home. One thing required is a bunch of coriander and should be drunk in the morning empty stomach means before breakfast.

Take 1 bunch of Coriander leaves, separate the coriander leaves by hand (Don't use a knife), then wash leaves using salt water as salt water removes chemical, dirt, dust attached to leaves.

Then Take utensil and add 3 glasses of water in it, then add coriander leaves in it. Now boil this water such that water becomes 1 glass volume by heating (evaporate till 1 glass). After water becomes 1 glass volume, take out and allow to cool naturally. Filter this water by using clean cloth and drink it, early morning empty stomach before breakfast. Don't eat or drink for 1 hour after drinking kadha of coriander leaves.

Drink this coriander leaves kadha for 3 days continuously to clean your kidney. You can drink this for upto 7 days for long term benefits such as it will prevent kidney problems such as kidney infection, swelling, Kidney stones in-short this drink helps to keep your kidney healthy.

3. Beetroot and apple juice.

Take 1 Beetroot, 2 apples, half lemon and  half cucumber. Wash all these four with water. Then Cut beetroot, apple & cucumber in small pieces. Now Put all Beetroot, apple & cucumber in a mixer utensil, squeeze half lemon juice on it.

Blend all four ingredients in a mixer and make juice from it. Then drink it early in the morning empty stomach before breakfast.

Beetroot should be included in our diet, as it contains antioxidant properties and contains B10.
Apple contains pectin named fiber, which helps to keep the kidney healthy.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Drink.

Take 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 glass of water. Mix apple cider vinegar in water and drink it early in the morning empty stomach before breakfast. Then don't eat or drink anything for 1 hr.

Apple cider vinegar helps to detox kidney and other body toxins. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, citric acid and phosphorus, which helps to prevent kidney stone formation.

5. Carrot Juice.

Take one carrot, half cucumber, one spoon of grated ginger. Cut carrot and cucumber in small pieces and put in a mixer utensil and also add grated ginger in it. Blend all ingredients in a mixer and make juice from it. 

Drink this juice early in the morning empty stomach, then don't eat or drink anything for 1 hr.

Carrots are high in carotene, which helps to remove toxins from the kidney and also helps to prevent cancer.

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